Excel Abrasives is a manufacturer of high performance protective Abrasives used in coatings, industrial paints, and marine paints.
Abrasive blasting is a surface treatment process widely used for diverse purposes. This is a vital process today as it just does not remove rust but prepares the surfaces for high performance coatings desired. Excel Abrasives manufactures high quality CI grits and shots as well as coal slag abrasives for use in Shipyards, foundries and other industrial processes. Excel Abrasives provide an array of high performance products in this field for industrial and offshore use.
Natural Abrasives
Materials used as Natural Abrasives are Aluminium oxide or alumina, for ferrous alloys, high tensile materials and wood.
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Artificial Abrasives
Bonded Abrasives: These consist of abrasive grits that have been mixed with binders and formed in useful shapes.
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